Koenig & Clinton is moving back to Brooklyn

Koenig & Clinton is delighted to announce that the gallery will be moving from Manhattan back to Brooklyn.

In May, the gallery will complete its exhibition program in Chelsea at the 459 West 19th Street location with a survey exhibition of works by Peter Dreher. In June, the gallery will open an exhibition of new works by Brooklyn-based artist Albert Herter at 1329 Willoughby Avenue in Bushwick.

Casey Mack of Popular Architecture (POPA) has housed both Koenig & Clinton’s gallery, as well as Leo Koenig’s newest venture, Century Pictures, under a gantry crane within a former steel shop. Margaret Liu Clinton will continue to direct Koenig & Clinton’s exhibition and event program with a primary focus on roster artists. Leo Koenig will curate special projects as he continues his work as a private dealer and advisor.

The gallery’s move to Brooklyn, comes after a seventeen year-long stay in Manhattan during which time the creative communities that have long been associated with lower Manhattan have dispersed significantly. Artists and their environments have skillfully adapted to neighborhoods uptown and in the outer boroughs. Newcomers are meeting established communities as conversations begin and contingencies form.

After spending the past year visiting potential gallery locations throughout Manhattan, Koenig and Clinton chose to move to a Brooklyn neighborhood adjacent to the one in which Leo Koenig Inc. was originally founded. The gallery will be situated near many of the artists around whom our work takes shape and many of the audiences that keep an exhibition space relevant.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

For further information please contact info@koenigandclinton.com or call (212) 334-9255.