Margaret Liu Clinton in conversation with Kerry Doran on the UNTITLED, Art Podcast

On the UNTITLED, Art Podcast, ‘Re-modeling the gallery,’ organized by Kerry Doran, Margaret Liu Clinton speaks about the changes she’s seen in the gallery landscape since the early 2000s, and how she’s been able to continue cultivating critically-engaged practices. The episode illuminates the realities of working as a gallerist, a role that is too often invisible, even within the industry.

Listen to the full episode here. A full description is below:

“The gallery model is not in crisis: The world economic system is. This episode historically and culturally contextualizes the gallery model to understand how we might update it for our current moment, and the future. The dealers featured are those who are thinking deeply about the nature of their program and the publics with whom they engage. They are propositioning alternatives to the dealer-critic system from the 19th century and fostering communities of collaboration, while still running physical spaces to exhibit emerging, experimental, and established work. How can we support them, dealers like them, and the artists they support and exhibit, who are foundational to our culture and social well-being?”