entering a song: Patricia Ayres, Coady Brown, Jesse Darling, Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski, Rindon Johnson, Kaveri Raina, and Anna Sew Hoy



Koenig & Clinton is pleased to announce the opening of entering a song, a group exhibition that explores themes of fluidity and of embodiment.

The exhibition’s title derives from a line in Ocean Vuong’s poem, “Threshold” in which the poem’s subject is situated in a shifting, uncertain space within the body and outside of it. Considering the potentials of this tenuous threshold, the  artworks on view vacillate between representation and presentation, public and private, orienting themselves between spaces of negation and of othering.

At present, one might observe identity as ever more detached from embodiment, and in turn from history. The question emerges: what does it mean to consider materiality’s agency? How might bodies and objects express resistance, malleability, and intransigence from a standpoint grounded in multiplicity?